A framework to use Cloud Translation API by Google in Swift. ⛄️🐸🐧🐳🐢



pod 'SwiftGoogleTranslate'


github "maximbilan/SwiftGoogleTranslate"

Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
.package(url: "https://github.com/maximbilan/SwiftGoogleTranslate", from: "0.2.2"))


Copy SwiftGoogleTranslate.swift to your project


First of all you have to generate API key to use Google Cloud services in the…

I would like to tell about a UI component, which shows an indicator of the connectivity, like a standard iOS cellular indicator. Maybe be helpful for somebody. The control has simple customization: color, edges, spacing.



pod 'SignalStrengthIndicator'


Copy SignalStrengthIndicator.swift to your project.


There is an example in…

Account Kit lets people quickly register for and login to your app by using just their phone number or email address — no password needed. It’s reliable, easy to use and gives you a choice about how you sign up for apps.

Official tutorial how to implement AccountKit in your application you can find here.

I would like to share with you a simple Swift wrapper for using AccountKit. Hope it will ease life to someone.

Please welcome the first major update for Chlorine. The build contains a new brand design of iOS and watchOS apps based on user feedbacks. We’ve tried to create the design more modern and convenient. Updated all of the existing screens, a new overview screen, absolutely new workouts list, a new…

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